About Us - The Xactagen Story
Xactagen was founded in 2004 by Robert E. Finney, Ph.D. Over the course of his career, Dr. Finney became recognized as an expert in genetic engineering, cell-based assays, drug discovery, and process development/optimization. He realized the potential of gene expression reporter cells for in vitro and in vivo pathway discovery, drug screening, and drug delivery - but further realized that major advances in vector design, reporter gene design, and assay reagents would be required for analysis of many, if not most, gene promoters. Therefore Xactagen was born.

Supported in part by NIH Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants and independent investors, Xactagen now boasts more sensitive and easy to use reporter vectors, cells, and assay reagents - enabling analysis of the vast majority of gene promoters. Included are cloned gene promoter vectors, transcription response element vectors, and associated stable cell lines. Also included are endogenous reporter cells, wherein the reporter is introduced into the native gene where expression is regulated by native cellular controls at the native cellular locus.
Commitment to Our Customers
Our goal now is to deliver reporter cell products and services to meet the specific needs of our customers. We do so by:
  • Continuing to expand our collection of pre-cloned promoter and transcription response element reporter vectors
  • Providing for custom production of gene promoter and transcription response element reporter vectors
  • Providing for custom production of cell lines with stably integrated reporter vectors (wtih cloned promoters or transcription response elements)
  • Providing custom production of induction cloned or gene-targeted endogenous reporter cells
  • Providing screening services (siRNA, compound, antibody, and other libraries) using our automation capabilities
  • Providing consulting services to assist in strategy development and implementation
Xactagen is a privately held company, with offices and laboratory space located in Shoreline, Washington, USA. For more information, contact us.